The DVR/NVR integration with Hikvision® is provided to the full product range that supports the Hikvision SDK platforms. A key integration partner, the Hikvision products cover every solution. The Protege® System Management Suite integrates seamlessly with the Hikvision products.

The ultimate in sophistication, the Hikvision® and Protege® partnership allows VMD Motion Alarms to be communicated bidirectionally through the VizIP® communication protocol support by the Protege® Integrated System Controller. This integration presents the video motion alarms to the Protege System as normal zones and includes DVR hardware monitoring and video failure integration leaders.

Integration Features

  • Supports all of the available integration features including keyboard shortcuts, pop up on alarm, full screen operation with ghost slider.
  • Compatible with the NVR, DVR and Hybrid DVR product line.
  • Protege® Integrated System Controller can be used to provide serial data for POS like transactional data using the serial printer service, as shown in the data logs of the DVR.
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